Golf Apps

For the golfer we have the Satellite Golf Round Recorder.  Using aerial views of the course, Satellite Golf will use your built in GPS to track each stroke and store every shot for every round with distance and location.  

You can also track your walking path to get an accurate measure of miles walked.  The app will also time your round and display it as you play.

And, for Pilot's who golf, we have Flyin Golf!  The perfect companion for those pilots ready to throw the bag and a friend in the plane.  Here you will find golf courses within a "friendly distance" of a golf course.

Satellite Golf User Guide

Satellite Golf User Guide

Click here to download a 20 page guide covering all the details of how to use the features of Satellite Golf Round Recorder.

Last updated:  November 22, 2010

Satellite Golf Round Recorder - Available for iPhone now!

Satellite Golf Round Recorder - Available for iPhone now!

Record your golf round as you play using GPS coordinates from your iPhone.  

Your GPS location and a Satellite Map of your golf course combine to give you an aerial view of your golf round.  Each shot is plotted with a record of stroke number, club used, type of shot and distance.

A history of all your rounds is maintained for easy review.  Statistics are generated automatically and each round can be seen on a traditional scorecard as well as seeing how you navigated around the course from the "eye in the sky".

Recording your round is easy, requiring only that you select a club and press one button to indicate that you hit from the fairway, rough, sand or putt.


Flying Golf

Flying Golf

THE must have app for the golf loving pilot community. Golf courses that are ON or NEARBY public use airports are displayed on an easily understandable map when you enter a departure airport and search radius.   

Click each displayed possibility for complete information on that course and the airport that serves it. Naturally, PIREPs from other pilot/golfers are included. You can update course information; add a PIREP and new FlyIn golf courses. 

If you’re serious about golfing and flying this is the app you’ve been hoping for. From the developers of the $100 Hamburger website                                                                               © 2010 Fitzrovia International LLC